A pistol that will change the game.

A 10X Technology Weapon

estimated price: 990€


improved accuracy:

The permanently fixed barrel and the fixed sight rail lets a good shooter hit his targets up to 100m

No recoil

The deep barrel axis and the recoil compensator reduce recoil by 80%


An LCD display on the weapon lets the shooter always know what condition the weapon is in and how many cartridges are in the magazine

Cheap change of caliber

Changing the caliber to a larger or smaller cartridge should be possible with little effort and cost


The history of our business

We want innovation in the arms industry

Florian Tripaum

The aim is to produce and market a state-of-the-art, innovative pistol with a modular "round-count display", very low recoil, high accuracy and an easy-to-use pistol with an uncomplicated caliber change function. A model that can be used in shooting sports (IPSC) as well as a defense weapon and a service weapon. There is currently no such model on the market.


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